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40 Nelson Street, Clyde, NC 28721

Welcome To Our Practice

Health Centered Dentistry in a Serene Setting

Dr. Darryl Nabors and staff see your dental health as a vital part of your whole body.

Our concern is not just oral health, but total body health. We take the time to educate you and offer information that empowers you to be in charge of your own dental care.

Our beautiful, health-centered dental office was built with the needs of chemically sensitive patients in mind. The entire building was designed with non-toxic materials such as non-allergenic paint, carpet, and vinyl adhesives. The office is comfortable, designed to make your experience with us as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

We are so careful, so meticulous in our dentistry, that we receive referrals from naturopathic physicians and visits from patients all over the southeast.